Got a new drawing pad dirt cheap

My daughter has a drawing pad for her PC and I’ve been jelly about it. I was very patient and finally found a deal too cheap to pass up.

I’ve been messing with it and I really like it. Just downloaded pencil2d and I’m going to get my hands dirty on some basic animation.


Another PC Score

Sometimes you see things on ebay and you can’t believe what you are seeing. You almost question if the thing is real. Take, for example, this beast.

Its an i7 3.4 ghz Dell Optiplex 7040. As the specs state, 16 GB ram and a 2 TB HDD. How the hell is this $99? I bought it just to see if it was real. And I’ll be damned!

Dude , what!? Its all there. 2 graphics cards (low end but who cares). It all works! Didn’t have an OS so I grabbed the Microsoft Media Creation tool and ripped Windows 10 to a USB. Loaded just fine. I just upgraded my desktop in all areas for nothin! GTFO!

Garbage/Tears for Fears concert was a blast

We went to the Garbage /Tears for Fears concert in Columbia and it was awesome. It’s been a while since I’ve done a concert – I think the last one was Sonic Youth.

Think we will make this happen more regularly. Seeing these old bands makes me feel old. The artists still do an amazing job but seeing them age feels “fast” as the only memory I have of them is from music videos.

Data Sciences Inc Reunion

Data Sciences Inc (DSI) was a small software vendor based in Laurel, MD. They produced enterprise software for advertising and circulation business of legacy media. I proudly worked there for over 12 years before they were acquired by Saxotech. The remnants of DSI slowly dissolved after that. She was a good company with good peeps. Some of the support staff got together for lunch and it was like old times. Really miss those days!

Stacy Mizrahi
DSI Support Team reunion

That XPS case has got to go

It didn’t take long for that 8300 XPS case to piss me off. The prior owner broke off several of the tension brackets on the face plate, causing misalignments and frequent pop offs.

I bought a new Phantecks ATX case. I have to tell ya, it’s been a long damn time since I’ve had to replace a case. Some of the changing standards on MBs over the last decade made this a little more challenging. For example, the fan power was 3 pin socket but the case uses 4 pin plugs. The USB 3.0 ports on the case didn’t match the USB 2.0 connectors. Thankfully I found conversion cables to rectify the problem. But little stuff like that can drive up your costs on what was originally $70 video rig. No LED slots on the MB for the disco fan lights so the case will have to control the show.

The new case cost me another $75 and I’ve spent about $12 in new cables. Not terrible but had it gone any further, I likely woulda scrapped the MB and just gotten a new one.

I have to say though, that new case is amazing for the price. Gone are the days where wires just flopped around. This thing has insane cable management! Can’t wait till she’s all together.

My daughters new animation PC

Got this used XPS so my daughter could start doing video animation. Turns out the face plate had most of its rivets busted so it just kind of hangs on. But the machine is a beast so I’m not gonna sweat it. Good specs and I got a used HD at a super cheap price Downloaded Windows 7 and did the free upgrade path to 10. Easy peasy.

Only thing that caught me was the video card (again). It had 3 ports, VGA, HDMI and DVI but it turns out you can only use 2 of the three. I’ll make due with 2 I guess.

iPhone SE 2020

In my neverending sniping of low prices on eBay, I landed an SE 2020 for $180. Let me repeat that : A 1 year old phone with the top-of-the line processor for $180!!! I honestly had no problems with my 8, but sometimes the price just dictates the upgrade. The lesson keeps repeating itself: patience and diligence will eventually bear fruits.