Time Tool for the Focused Challenged

If you aren’t familiar with the Pomodoro technique, it is a timetracking “hack” developed for folks who have trouble staying on task. It is a simple concept, you work for 25 minutes then take a break. Then repeat. Pretty simple, right?

For those of us with ADHD or maybe just dealing with a distracting environment, using this tool is a way of educing a little bit of disciple so that you can squeeze out productivity. The technique was introduced to me when I had been diagnosed with ADHD, and it’s been a great tool in helping me getting through long to-do lists. There are lots of apps you can get for the Pomodoro technique, but I wanted to pass along this free web tool


If you are like me, you work on a laptop. When you are ready to be productive, just open up a new tab and go to the link above. You click on “start” and get to work, when the 25 minutes is up, a notification sounds. Then you just keep repeating the process, taking breaks when prompted. I find the pacing great because I need those frequent breaks. It also helps me stay at a manageable “pace” without getting burned out.


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